Only 10 minutes from Brisa del Mar towards Cartaya, the Cartaya Karting Complex was created for speed lovers, whilst ensuring the maximum standards of comfort and safety. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, this is the ideal place to race and have fun. For more details follow this link: http://www.kartodromodecartaya.com

Water Park

Situated next to the Karting Centre (above), the Aquópolis is an exciting water park which is great for all the family (open from mid June to early September). With water slides such as the black hole and kamikaze, wave pools and Rapids River, the park provides a fun day for all water lovers.

Kite Surfing

Water Sports

On the beach directly opposite Nuevo Portil, and within the safety of a sheltered stretch of water, there is the opportunity to partake in a number of activities including sea fishing, windsurfing, kite surfing catamaran sailing or canoeing.

Boat Trips

The area offers a wide variety of boat trips, tours and rides. Chose from dolphin encounters on an exciting ocean excursion or a spectacular trip up the Río Guadiana – a breathtaking experience on the river separating Spain and Portugal.

Horse Riding

Decide whether to follow the country tracks and pathways of the open countryside in the Sierra de Aracena, ride along the beach at the waters edge or trek through woodlands in the Doñana National Park.

Quad and Bicycle rides

Guided bicycle and quad riding tours of different durations are available. For more details follow this link: www.aventurarumbosur.es. Additional bicycles can also be hired here.

International Zip Wire

Experience the first cross-border zip line in the world. Crossing the River Guadiana from Spain to Portugal. Go back in time during your journey as you cross the border. For more details follow this link: www.limitezero.com

Health and Beauty Spa

Health and beauty spas are available at the local hotels and within easy walking distance. For an all inclusive package you can enjoy the hydrological area - with Turkish bath, thermal pool, sauna, whirlpool, Indo-Roman bath, fruit bath and stones pool to name only a few. In addition there are the treatment sessions offering relaxation, anti-stress or beauty at Hotel Fuerte El Rompido.

Nature Reserves and Bird Watching

Flamingos at El Portil Nature Reserve

Throughout the whole area virtually all electric pylons have stork nests on them. (The electricity boards build the pylons with a special stand for the storks.) It is an amazing sight to see them when they are nesting and bringing up their young.
The Laguna de El Portil Nature Reserve is a 13-hectare reserve of a small freshwater lagoon with three bird hides. Rich in birds; on the lake are grebes, kingfishers, spoonbills, plovers, grey herons and mallard ducks, while in the woods there are woodpeckers, hoopoes, greenfinches, chaffinches and buzzards. There are many amphibians and reptiles here including tortoises, frogs, toads, speckled newts and chameleons.
For more details follow this link: www.andalucia.com/environment/protect/laguna-elportil.htm

Doñana National Park

This area is considered the most important wetland in Europe and one of the best places for birds in the whole of the Palaearctic region, both for the number of species recorded and for its breeding and wintering importance. Between 300,000 and 400,000 birds settle in Doñana every winter. More than 300 species of birds have been recorded in Doñana, being the most important area in Europe for wintering geese and the second most important breeding area for Spanish Imperial Eagle in the world. Hundreds of birds including raptors, passerines, and sea or wetland birds are seen here, including 80% of all endemic Iberian birds, which are not as easy to see outside the area.
The best time to go "birding" is from November to June. If you are lucky you may even glimpse the shy Iberian lynx.
For more details follow this link: www.andalucia.com/environment/protect/donana.htm

The Paraje Natural de las Marismas del Odiel

The province is probably best known for its marshlands and national park situated at the mouth of the Tinto and Odiel rivers. Declared a World Biosphere Reserve, it is a marshland of outstanding beauty not far from the town of Huelva and occupies a surface area of 7,150 hectares. This is a remarkable area of tidal flats and sandy ecosystems where the tidal range can reach 3 metres. Amidst sand dunes, marshes, pinewoods and freshwater lagoons you will find flamingos, rare buzzards, mongoose, chameleons and a startling variety of migratory birds.

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